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Most of our artists participate in ArtVanSF events. Although entertainment is a fundamental and arguably detracting aspect of showing artists work, we feel it brings the viewer closer to experiencing the art rather than simply viewing it. We also think it is a more interesting and memorable way to locate artists on our site. However, you may already be familiar with one or several of our artists, so this page helps you find them here in one big list. Or use the search button to the left (be sure to select artists from the drop down box). Also, since all of the artists from older shows have not all been put in the database, please also check out our old artist page.

Chris Fischer
Iouri PestovPassionate artist using many forms of media and inspiration.
Rex Bruce
Brettt RoncelliCo-Founder of ArtVan
Xavier Jesse Gonzales
patrick cheatham
Melisa Jansen
Justin Young
Mark ZiemannFounder of ArtSalon and one of San Francisco's finest character artists, now living in the Big Apple, Mark has a long history in illustration, painting, teaching, and humor.
Jim MacNeil
Vera St. John
Anahid ArslanianThe modern mystical art of Anahid could be described as expressionistic surrealism. It comes from the spirit, exploring the dream universe of the soul.
Richard Fong
David Scott BruceCofounder of ArtVanSF, founder of the Art Endowment and ArtyPants, member of ArtSalonSF, participant in Burningman and ArtSpan's San Francisco Open Studio's.
Celia Jackson
Asael Dror
Roger ChristWeb, video, music
Jenny BitnerAliens, sex, seals, colors, collage, bears, text, mushrooms, bees, pieces of things found on the street. Paintings on wood and canvas with acrylic and mixed media I am available for individualized wild portraits.
Gee Douangjan
Adam M. Kleinberg
Jennifer M. Simpson
Peih F Chiang
Jennifer SimpsonWhite
elizabeth burchsocially reflective installation art
Catherine Lynchpuppeteer, musician, songwriter, toy photographer and craftsperson.
Rosemary MachadoMachado's three-dimensional, richly textured paintings evoke the mysterious heart of nature. They invite the viewer to enter and linger; and to experience something new with each encounter. Visit her website.
joanne tuscany
Judith Evind
Troy Sullivan
Ryan Stubbs
James Webb
Karen TurcotteTraditional Sculpture / Political Social Commentary / Environmental Art
Graham LewisDescription_of_Artist
Gevin Shaw
Muffin Hyche
Jennifer Brazelton
Vanina Larroca
Michael GuerriniSpecializing in photographic Painting with Light, a rare and challenging lighting technique all but abandoned in the late '80s. Using hand-held lights, this technique requires the artist to sweep,or paint light onto the subject, slowly exposing it to film
Jasmine Raff
Jody MacNeil
K. Higgins
Rik LivingstonRik Livingston has shown in more than twenty Bay Area galleries and his art work can be found in collections all over the world. His diverse oeuvre includes early comics work, originally published in numerous alternative comics and newspapers.
Dan Das Mann
Floyd Mckee
Todd Courtois
P. Campell McGowan
Elizabeth ScheidlArt and Design from furniture and sculpture to paintings and websites.
Jamez Smith
Lydia Fabend
Michelle Morby
Janeen M. Levin
Deidre De FranceauxNobody is more impressed with Diedre's oil paintings than those who witness it in person. Her credentials as an artist are exemplary, but it is the art that has the final word.
Elisabeth ScheidlMy paintings are playful diagrams of interconnected systems, aerial landscapes, and machinery. Windows, fragments, strings and tendrils emerge and recede, leaving the visual plane to hang in a balance between vertical elevation and birds-eye view.
Taxi Mayhall
Steven PoeStock photography, fine art prints, and digital photography instruction.
Jimmy Little
Dan DasMann
Patrick Wilson
Amy FeldmanWild brush strokes, playful lines, and intense colors subdued with splatters of white, Amy Feldman taps into her raw energy and plays it out with sophistication and passion.
deliberate testing
DC SpensleyArtist working in many mediums.
Edwina Barber
Dana Albany
Tim Gatesfaces and figurative imaginary works on canvas and panels
Ellen DiCola
judy jones
Heather Emelin GrahamMUSE artists of all venues. Specialize in fantasy, mythic or spiritual art forms. Producer for emerging artists. Have secured cd/mp3 deals for musicians, exhibitions and buyers for visual artists. Put on faerie parties for small and large groups of chil
fluffy flufffluffy fluff-a-roo. I like fluff and I hope you do, too.
Nathalie NuņezNathalie is a member of the group, a fine artist, tatoo and web designer. Her art is matched only by her charm and charisma. For more information, please visit her web site.
Clarence A. MitchellI consider myself not just an artist, but also an art researcher. An artist is every bit as qualified to do research as any scientist. The concept of infinity or the unending or the cosmic has always fascinated. Some of my art research is purely abstract

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