It is free to become a member and you will get no SPAM. The only email you might get is from someone contacting you to aquire your art. Membership gives you access to our site where you can upload your images and, if you are an artist, allows group moderators to add you to events.

RESTRICTIONS: All images must be jpeg (.jpg) at this time. Maximum file size is 100k and the account limit of all images must be less than 200k. So OPTIMIZE you files!! NOTE: You can bypass the 200k account limit by sending up to 199k in files and then send your last file. There's no penalty for doing this. I encourage it.

You must provide us an email address so we can contact you regarding your account AND let you know if someone is interrested in your work. Also, your user login email address must match your artist email address. This is just one way we validate you on our site and keep other members from accessing your personal information. Which brings up...

PRIVACY: We will never sell or give away your email address. This goes against our very core ethic. We do everything in our power to keep your information safe.

OWNERSHIP: Ok, who owns the images once they are on our site? You do. We have a copywrite symbol at the bottom of each page but you can override it by putting in your own after each image. The HTML copywrite symbol is "©" (without the quotes). Also, We will not use your images for anything other than this site unless we contact you for permission. Please be aware, however, others can steal your images. Actually, it's more like borrow forever. That's the internet for you. If you want to protect yourself from that, you can embed a watermark and/or use low resolution images. (low res files also let you upload more images!).

Rules and legal stuff may change as we get more savvy and users get more litigeous.