This is the way it went down!

On June Second in the year of our lord 2000 ArtvanSF gave, yes gave, away over seven grand in art treasures to an unsuspecting San Francisco public. And weve got the pictures to prove it.
You have to ask yourself....would you accept art from these characters?
But before they even had a chance to give away all these fine examples of creativity work had to be done and our main man Fletche was there from the get go.
Fletche worked tirelessly to get the ArtVan in order.
Hats off to you brother!
Then it was time to install. Which isn't easy when some of the work is six feet long and covered with candy.

And some how David managed to stay incredibly clean and well manicured.

Do I make you horny?!?
Then it was time for Brettt and David to get down to the hard work of giving away art.
Then came our first patron.... This lucky bloke walked off with an Iris print from Brettt's "Dead Pictures" series.
Aren't you sad you were not there to get some juicy free art?
The fun really began when the crowd started to frenzy!!!!
Free art, wine crackers.
This was too good to be true. But it was true.
Then Craig Ubrik showed up with even more art to give away. Way to be Craig!

Dapper David thought some of the folks on the street were missing out on the hor devours. Simple solution. If the people won't come to the food. The food will come to the people.

I'll take two thank you.

Were not sure if Lori Anne was giving out the free wine or just drinking it. But when your such a tall glass of water yourself nobody's going to ask questions. Lori Anne when you look good we look good.

You go girl!
These two look as if they will get considerable enjoyment with their new aquisition of art by Johannes Miller.
Once again Lori Anne makes us ponder wether its the art thats draws us in or if its just her infectious grin. You don't want to know just how infectious it is either. We'll save that story for another time.
This lucky gent is walking off with a peice by Jeff Spicer. Keep that check book in your jacket buddy today the arts on the that is!

The last peice to go was one of my personal favs. "Eat Me" by Diedre De Franceaux. And if you ask me it may be destined for the Louve. The only problem is how to get it there. It was just about impossible to get it even accross town. This misguided effort to get it in a helpfull ytellow cab proved futile. But Move it we did!

For we are ArtVanSF!
Hear us Roar