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Thawaratt "Dong" Samardachandra

Thailand's emerging artists

Bangkok Jan 20, 2001
Dong is a quiet but jovial man - a man of little words, but pleanty of smiles. This is not because he cannot communicate with me. His English is better than most Thais. He studied in New York for many years. But words are not his expression of choice.

So impressed with his work was I that I neglected to write down any notes about Dong. Upon a visit to his home I found seven rooms worth of paintings. This seems to be all I need to know. My amazement brings me forth to the visual delights in the world of Dong's imagination.

This is one of his earlier works. All are untitled and I cannot read the dates. Oil on Canvas is all I can tell. But I am satisfied with that.

The aquatic feeling of theese more recent works are calming and imaginative, inviting and intriguing.

Below, a piece earlier than his current work is playful and vibrant.

And finally, returning to his earlier work, his detail exemplifies his tallents and this piece, in particular indicates the imaginary world at work in his recent work.