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Jaiselmere, India

The story

Jan 30, 2001
This place is really cool. I would stay here longer but for a town of about 3000, it is really polluted. For a town of one million, it's really polluted. We can't breathe. It's cold and everyone burns coal to keep warm. Annie got Bronchitous. We have to go now. But it's really beautiful. Check this out:

This is inside the palace inside the fort up on a hill in jaiselmere. It was really fucking cool.

This next picture is inside the fort looking at a Jain temple. the Jains are really cool but they don't live here anymore. They travel from the cities to come to their temple where cows and rickshaws and salesmen spurt shit.

This is one of those cows.

This last picture is in front of our Hotel. As you can see, camels look funny. But they smell bad. Don't get one if you live in the city. They must be kept outside and off your bed.