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Asian Toilet Paper

Much has been said of the asian toilet scene. There are the squat toilets of the rural areas and every bus stop and there are the digital varieties found notably in Japan. Then there are the cryptic stories on the asian wiping method. Do they really do it like that? How can they think our way is gross?

But nobody talks about the toilet paper. Oh, some say, "bring it with you" and go on and on about this or that. Pay them no mind. Things are changing and everyone knows you can make a buck off whitey with a little roll of paper.

What's interesting about Asian TP? The marketing, of course. I couldn't believe the names of the brands. I mean, check this out:

Kiss Me? Ok with Charmine's "squeeze me" adds, that's not too wierd.

But Trendy? Who'se ass whipe needs to be designer? Also, note the generic style lettering. Those marketing types have it all wrong.

Lady brand seems to miss half the market. Fortunately for them, my wife bought this one and nobody saw me using it. (interestingly, here you can see the bali style bathrooms, half outside. nice. except for the mosquitoes)

This is more to the point. But perhaps a little TOO much to the point.

And finally, the winner.
The most honest brand available and my choice as well as yours, I'm sure...

happy brand. I know of no better.

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