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    Was ArtVan at BurningMan?

    Yes and No. We were the Cosmic Love Dome. So we were there but we weren't ArtVanSF, San Francisco's premere mobile art gallery.

    And Honestly, we're a bit lame, too. Too many distractions, you know. Not enough pictures taken, and certainly not enough scanned. Oh we did stuff. But all we got to show is this:

    This picture is, of course, stolen. I took it off the burningman site because I didn't know what else to do. The picture is by Gabe Kirchheimer if your interested in it. Oh yes, it's also from 1998.

    Here's another picture:

    If you look closely, you'll notice that this picture isn't of us, either. It's from the Pacific Dome's Web site. We got our dome from them. They were also at burningman. They're great. Hi, Chris! If your interested in getting a dome for yourself or a loved one, please consider Pacific Domes. You can contact them at info@pacificdomes.com . Or just give 'em a call, toll free: 1-888-488-8127. They'd love to hear from you.

    Now, hopefully all you folks who visited us and took some pictures would be kind enough to send a copy our way. We would like to put it on the site. But we need your help cause... we need your pictures.

    Comments: artvansf@yahoo.com