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    Press Release

    San Francisco, April 30, 2000

    ArtVanSF Exists

    Alternative art on the road.

    Longtime supporter of alternative arts and former proprietor of Art Attack gallery, Brettt Roncelli has joined forces with David Bruce, a dot commer who's looking to redeem his sole. Their ultimate goal is to turn the art world upside down by bringing art to your door. To that end, they've rejected the high rents of the downtown establishment and mobilized their mission; traveling to the homes of the needy and delivering the vision of their adventure and optic acuity.

    "Finding gems in a new age world of bland divas and over confident youth requires more than just a good eye", says Brettt, "you have to seek it out and attract it. We travel and locate artists who would otherwise reach the pinnacle of their art in relative obscurity".

    With this in mind, David and Brettt are true to their mission statement: "To boldly go where not art has been before".
    For information on submissions, please contact us at: 415-EVE-4ART or "artvansf@yahoo.com"
    Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, a brief description of your art and any links you may have in the body of your message.