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    Press Release

    San Francisco, June 15th, 2000

    ArtVanSF Responds to Webvan's "cease and desist" order

    San Francisco, June 15th, 2000

    ArtVan wakes sleeping giant!

    ArtVanSF San Franciscos Premiere Mobile Gallery has offened WebVan with its controversial antics. Aparently Webvan thinks our web site looks suspisously like thiers. See Samples. ArtVanSF know for its commercal terrorist tactics of giving away art has apparently awakened the Dot Com, Webvan, who has responded with typical big bully legaleize. See Webvan document.

    Webvans threat of legal action is a mercelous assault on our identity, good will and personal ethics.

    Webvan's corporate counsel, M.F. Justice has stated that they "would like to resolve this matter amicably", but also writes that "the owner is entitled to injunctive relief as well as attorney's fees and the recovery of monetary damages". This threat, due to their overwhelming power and resources, is something we do not take lightly.

    However, we are outraged by their unsubstantiated and erroneous allegations attributing a lack of good will and "apparently willful infringement", and preceive this as impugning our good intentions. We feel violated, angry and unclean, saddened, confused and hungry and slightly chaffed.

    As you know, we have been providing free art and good will to the region for a considerable amount of time. Our charity and neighborly actions have fostered much good will in the community of emerging artists as has been recently recorded in an article By Scottt Ostler in the San Francisco Chronicle. (Monday June 5th, 2000, pg A2) Without groups such as ArtVanSF, the bay area's artistic expression would be greatly diminished and venues for emerging artists further reduced.

    This attack is indicitive of the corporate intrusion which has left our society blank and apathetic. It is paramount to the censoship of the MacArthy era.

    Webvan's flurry of accusations has bewildered us. Can Artists find some middle ground where corporate America can continue getting rich and the rest of us can live free from tyranny in our persuit of art and cultural expression? We at ArtVanSF hope so. We are hopeful that some reasonable understanding can be reached without undue burden on our limited economic resources. We would suggest that Webvan simply learn to share. We could use a little office space and the occasional use of a Webvan vehicle would go a long way in paving the road to amicable settlements.

    Please stay tuned for more details as we attempt to work together for artistic expression! We shall drive onward.

    For information, please contact us at: 415-EVE-4ART or "artvansf@yahoo.com"
    Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, a brief message.