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The Art Endowment
852 Haight Street
San Francisco, CA 94117
(415) 640 . 5041
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Receiving Artwork from The Art Endowment

Based on Boston's Art Connection, we strive to enhance the environment of the San Francisco Bay Area's own non-profits and public benefit organizations by providing Fine Art for public view. Fine art enhances lives on a spiritual and cultural level, reminds us that we have an abundant capacity for greatness.

You can enhance your public space by obtaining free or low-cost Fine Art through the Art Endowment. The process is easy and helps ensure that all involved are aware of all the benefits of the program. The following procedures are generally followed:
  • The organization fills out the Application Form
  • A representative of the Art Endowment reviews the application and makes initial contact to discuss the program, understand objectives and answer questions.
  • A representative of the Art Endowment makes a site visit to:
    • Meet the Art Review Committee Members
    • Discuss the program, understand objectives, and answer questions
    • Show the current available artwork
    • Finalize the paperwork
  • Committee Members select art that is desired
  • The Art Endowment confirms the availability of the desired art
  • A Placement visit is made where:
    • The desired art that was available is hung
    • The Art Review Committee is instructed in the proper care of the art including what to do in the event the art is to be moved.
  • An installation celebration is often a good idea.
Qualified recipients must submit the following paperwork for approval:
  • Completed Application Form
  • Signed Donee Agreement
  • Copy of IRS form 501(c)(3)
  • Annual Report
  • Brochure or Other Information
  • List of Board Members
  • List of Art Review Committee Members (these are the folks who will select the art for the organization)
In consideration of its receipt of the Artwork, Recipient agrees:
  • to take reasonable precautions to protect and preserve the Artwork;
  • to exhibit the Artwork where it may be viewed by the public or those persons served by the Donee;
  • not to permit the Artwork to be altered or defaced;
  • not to sell or dispose of the Artwork (without first obtaining the consent of the Donor, which consent shall not be unreasonably withheld);
  • to notify the Donor of any address change for the Donee;
  • o notify the Donor of any change in the Donee's charitable status, or if the Donee is dissolved or terminated, and, in the event of such dissolution or termination, to promptly return the Artwork, at Donee's expense, to the Donor or to The Art Endowment.
  • to agree to occasional visits by the Art Endowment to ensure the artwork is being cared for properly.
To view our small, but growing on-line inventory of images, please View Art in our gallery.

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