Art Liberation


More than any other event, Art Liberation has garnered us more attention. Not more than we deserve, though. Giving away art completely free is a noble effort. Why do we do it? By giving away art, we compel the artist to produce more, and we encourage people to acquire more. Thus, we create more art in the world.

But at our core, we are really about entertainment and have you ever heard of a more ridiculous thing to do? Even the spectators get a charge out of seeing this unabashed, in-your-face, poke at our culture of consumerism and corporate profit. Just check out these links to our shows to get a peek into what this is all about.

Art Liberation I

Art Liberation II

Art Liberation III
AKA Art Adoption

Art Liberation IV
June 5th, 2003

Art Liberation VIII
June 7th, 2007

To donate paintings to the ArtVan, contact us, or call David at 415.640.5041.




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