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Participating Artists:

Diedre De Franceaux
D.C. Spensly
Brettt Roncelli
Eric Scheib
Jason Mac Donald
Johannes Miller
Michael Read
Craig Ubik
Jeff Spicer
David Bruce
Laura Lengyel
Li Gardner
Desy Stoyanoz
Marcus Brooks

    Art Liberation

    June 1st, 2000. Downtown San Francisco

    • The June 1st event was an absoute success. All items donated by the artists were sold. We completely sold out, so to speak. 19 pieces by 13 artists found new homes durring this exciting event.
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    • Archive Announcement Copy from June 1st:

      The first Thursday of the month is imminent, and you know what that means. The downtown galleries will fling open the barn doors at the stroke of six to force feed San Franciscans middling mass-consumption art at Helmsleyesque prices.

      Their pieces are all picked and priced based on an arbitrary value system cooked up and promoted by a crusty old-boy network of gallery owners. The orgy of consumerism it provokes gets a few people obscenely rich, but the rest of us are left scratching our heads wondering where the hell the good art is in this city.

      San Francisco Art Liberation Day

      ArtVanSF has a mainline to the best emerging artists in the Bay Area. We don't have a snooty address, so we'll be parking our art rig right outside the front doors of the major galleries on the 1st. Just to subvert the gallery paradigm, we'll be liberating truly valuable art, bestowing fabulous, valuable, original pieces upon those who truly love them. Because that's what art is for, dammit.

      In keeping with the Buddhist Philosophy of dana prajana paramita, which means, "to give is to crossover", ArtVanSF will engage in selfless and spiritual acts of art sacrifice, providing admirers with gifts of visual endowments.

      The goal is to create room for more creativity in the world while bestowing upon devotees gifts of beauty and transcendence... and frankly, we hope to mess with the heads of the downtown galleries by defying their consumerism and arbitrary value system promoted by the collusion of their old boy network. And we're going to do it on their own turf, too.

      We will be parking our Art Van in close proximity to the major downtown galleries. We will be stepping on toes while showing the truly valuable art of emerging artists in the nose of those whose noses fly so high.