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David Bruce
 · acrylic on canvas
 · expressionist
 · abstract
Celia Jackson
 · multi-media on wood
 · portraits
 · abstract

D.C. Spensley
 · multi-media
 · identigraphics
 · abstract

David Lyon
 · multi-media
 · video
 · illustration

Teresa Moore
 · multi-media
 · oil on canvas
 · lithographs

Moore Cn3D

2003 SF Open Studios with Teresa Moore, Celia and three Davids

Friday October 3rd from 6-10pm
Saturday and Sunday October 4-5 from 10am - 6pm
   ArtyPants Gallery
   852 Haight Street @ Divisadero

ArtyPants Gallery presents the third anual Open Studios Cn3D show with Teresa Moore. The last two years have been wonderful and Teresa has graciously joined us so that we may bring you five very powerful San Francisco Artists. See the virtual reality show from last year here.

Moore Cn3D 2003

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