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Participating Artists:

D.C. Spensly
Rick Livingston
Dan Das Mann
Adam Kleinberg

Charles K. Fisher

Richard Fong
Celia Jackson

Mark Z-Mann
Chai Baba
Esther A Pearson
Don Thompson
Captain Collage
Don Kunkel

    Art Liberation II
    (the pictures)

    June 7th, 2001.
    49-1/2 Geary
    Downtown San Francisco

    What was the scene? Mayhem. And why not with discounts of no less than 100%, we couldn't write receipts fast enough. Take a look:

    Now, check out the quality of the art that was
    besowed... (in order of the listing on the left)

    This is a piece entitled "China Sea" by DC Spensley liberated to David Lyon:

    This is "Futurity" by Rick Livingston liberated to Raphael Pepi

    This is a piece by Dan Das Mann liberated to Seth Friedman

    This piece is a photograph of Anchor Wat by Adam Kleinberg liberated to Alex Scholz

    This is "Stadium" by Charles K Fisher, donated by Donna Fisher and liberated to Courtney DeFranceaux

    This is an untitled piece by Donna Fisher's late husband, Charles K Fisher, liberated to Tatianya Rocker.

    This piece by Richard Fong was liberated to Betty Hickman

    Here's a piece entitled "Spring" by Celia Jackson and liberated to Hida Viloria:

    This clock art is a functional painting on real vinyl by Mark Ziemann, liberated to Stosh Wychulus

    And these prints by Mark Ziemann were liberated to Madeline Belliveau and Spencer Stevens

    This is "Psycho Baba" by Chai Baba liberated to Angela Pricolo

    This is an untitled etching by Ester Pierson liberated to Daniel Rauch

    This is "Gertrud1" by Don Thompsan liberated to Julie Franklin

    This is "Big Cover Up #16" by Captain Collage, liberated to Andre Gorberg

    This is "Odaliska" done in 1966 in ibiza by Don Kunkel and liberated to Sheryl Smith-Rodriguez

    For more information or if you wish to donate, contact us at: mailto:artvansf@yahoo.com
    and read about the point of our irreverence at:this link...


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