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2002 Participating Artists:

Mark Z-Mann
Linda Mathiesen
Amy Feldman
Peih F. Chiang
elisabeth scheidl
Gee Douangjan

    Art Liberation

    June 6th, 2002.
    49-1/2 Geary near Market
    Downtown San Francisco

    Our third annual event!
    Read about Art Liberation 2001
    Read about Art Liberation 2000 (it was in the chronicle!)


    The first Thursday of the month is here, and you know what that means. The downtown galleries will fling open the barn doors at the stroke of six to force feed San Franciscans middling mass-consumption art at Helmsleyesque prices. The orgy of consumerism it provokes gets a few people obscenely rich, but the rest of us are left scratching our heads wondering where the hell the good art is in this city.

    So, we're holding the third annual...
    San Francisco Art Liberation Day
    As we demonstrated last year in our own irreverent way, ArtVanSF has a mainline to the best emerging artists in the Bay Area. We don't have a snooty address, so we'll be parking our art rig right outside the front doors of the major galleries (49-1/2 Geary) at 6pm on the 6th. Just to subvert the gallery paradigm, we'll be liberating truly valuable art, bestowing fabulous, valuable, original pieces upon those who truly love them. Because that's what art is for, dammit.

    In keeping with the Buddhist Philosophy of dana prajana paramita, which means, "to give is to crossover", ArtVanSF will engage in selfless and spiritual acts of art sacrifice, providing admirers with gifts of visual endowments. The goal is to create room for more creativity in the world by emparting art lovers with empowering acts of beauty and transcendence... and frankly, we love to mess with the heads of the downtown galleries by defying their consumerism and arbitrary value system promoted by the collusion of their old boy network. And we're going to do it on their own turf, too.

    For more information or to donate, contact us at: mailto:artvansf@yahoo.com
    To read about the Art Liberation 2000 irreverence, check out this: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2000/06/05/MN14935.DTL


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