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I. Nyoman Suarsa

I passed the Warsa resteraunt where I met I.Nyoman Suarsa. It just looked too expensive. Turns out that Nyoman's father designed it and with the help of his family, built it. I can't begin to express my awe at seeing this place. I passed it many times until I decided I had to taste their fare. Once inside I discovered the art and after inquiring about the master, discovered that he lived there.

Here's what the resteraunt looked like. As you can see, the Four Seasons decorators in New York City have something to learn from the Suarsa family

The stone work, the wood work, the tile floor and the paintings made quite an impression. The yellow one over there above the patron's head was my favorite. It was sold the next day, before I had a chance to get a good picture of it. Here it is blown up. It's little fuzzy but it's the best I can do

It was textured with sand and the more you looked at it the more profound the shadows became. I was in love with this piece and If I ever find who bought it, I will have to kill them for it.

Much of Nyoman's recent work was of masks like this.

I liked his mask paintings much better than most, but it's an overdone theme in Bali. Perhaps Nyoman is discovering what the tourists like to buy. Fortunately, Nyoman's work is more imaginative and expressive.

Here is some more wok from the resteraunt. Notice the masks in the stone work. Ubud is beautiful and the Warsaw is amazing.

Here's the back of the resteraunt. Nyoman and his artist friends from Nyag studio were visiting. I.Wayan Palasara is teaching Nyoman how to play the xylophone.

In the background is a piece of art by Nyoman that is cut wood tiled together. For someone still in art school, Nyoman's gifts and imagination are as great as his exposure to craftsmanship have been. Here's my attempt to blow up the cut wood art:

And finally, this piece, now showing at ndAg studio's Falling Star show:

"Face My Friend", oil on canvas, 75cm x 25cm. 2001