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Participating Artists:

Dierdre DeFranceaux
Brettt Roncelli
Celia Jackson
D.C. Spensly
Rick Livingston
David Bruce
John Farnsworth

    FastFood Art

    Tuesday February 5th, 2002
    49-1/2 Geary
    Downtown San Francisco

    Our Fast Food Art Show was as successfull as MacDonalds selling crack cocain for 99 cents a hit. People were lining up to get their fix of the most compulsive commodity to hit the streets since Jack came back.
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    ArtVanSF returned to 49-1/2 Geary from 6:00pm to 7:30pm for "First Thursdays" with an all new show that's was sure to fit your fast paced apatite for fun and funky art.

    That's right! We had another drive-by showing. This one was called "Fast Food Art" and featured the following short order artists flinging wild abandon on the cheap. Get anything on our 99 cent menu or supersize it for a buck ninety nine and get a real bona fide and arti-fried piece of art from...

    Dierdre DeFranceaux DC Spensley Celia Jackson Brettt Roncelli David Bruce Rik Livingston John Farnsworth or anyone of our visiting artists / temporary hires.

    All proceeds went towards feeding the starving artists at the new Axum on Polk Street. And pleanty of folks came down for cheap peaks, squat and giggles and ponied up for the cheapest art this city has seen since... art liberation!

    See the pictures.
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