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Visual Arts


    Computer Smashing

    Oct 27th, 2000.
    Justin Herman Plaza 12 Noon
    San Francisco

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    ArtVanSF in protest against rising rents and the continuing dot com zombification of San Francisco will mount an extra ordinary cathartic exhibition.

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    ArtVanSF artists will create a unsublime menagerie of user un-friendly computer interfaces which demand that unhappy, and under appreciated workers vent there frustrations upon.

    See works of art for and about the workers, and about the tools with which the workers struggle.

    Seven artists have created user un-friendly work stations that taunt you, tease you, and defile you. Be defiled no more! Define yourself with an act of violence against the very machines that enslave you.

    ArtVanSF wants you to fight the good fight for your right to be human. We will be pushed around no more. Lets push, no, SHOVE BACK against the Dot Communists.

    Buck the system, Fuck the system, and Crush the system. Its your opportunity to express your rage. Don't wuss out. Don't become a dot com zombie. Kick some computer ass.

    We will display these works of art during the lunch hour and then give the common man an opportunity to VENT.

    Sledge hammers and crow bars to be provided.

      Non-Dot-Com Zombie Artists include:
    • DC Spensley
    • Dan Dss Mann
    • Michael Christian
    • KAl Spelletich
    • Deidre DeFranceaux
    • Brettt Roncelli
      Dot-Com Zombie Artists include:
    • Lars Berg
    • David Bruce


    Performace/Poetry Slam by Blake More

    see the pictures!

    For information on submissions, please contact us at: "artvansf@yahoo.com"
    Be sure to include your name, email address, phone number, a brief description of your art and any links you may have in the body of your message.