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History of The Art Endowment

On September 3, 2003, The Art Endowment was incorporated with the purpose of furthering donations of works of art to appropriate recipients of a charitable or public benefit nature. The concept of The Art Endowment is based on Boston’s The Art Connection, who (at this time) have 1,700 pieces of artwork installed in over 100 Boston area agencies. The Art Connection was created as a trust to donate the art of Fay Chandler posthumously; later conversations with artists and friends suggested that her plan for distribution to nonprofits could be used by other artists and that the nonprofit community would be enthusiastic beneficiaries.

The experiences of Boston’s Art Connection indicate strong community need and support for the placement of art in qualifying local agencies. Artists have shown willingness to donate art but need assistance finding appropriate recipients. Nonprofits aiding the underserved have paid little attention to acquiring art due to budget constraints. The need for an establishing an intermediary between potential donors and recipients has considerable appeal and has been readily welcomed by the greater Boston area.

The Art Endowment aims to increase the flow of art from the artist to those who would not otherwise have the opportunity to view it – to enjoy the communication, the connection and the understanding that art can provide.

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