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The Art Endowment Staff

Executive Director:  Brettt Roncelli
Occupation:  Performance Artist

Qualifications:  Founder of San Francisco's Art Attack Gallery in the 1990's and current proprietor of the anti-profit project "The Art Van". Brettt Roncelli has been active as both an artist and as an arts promotor/provocateur. Brettt has worked in many mediums including digital collage, photography, oils, acrylics and sculpture as well as guerilla theater and playful participatory nonsense. Brettt has a number of alter egos: poet Mustapha Mond, bad boy Skanky the Clown, El Skanko and spiritual guru Sri Ramadamadingdong. Brettt also acts as an art instructor for the Sonoma Valley Museum of Art's A.R.T.S. program bringing art instruction into the classroom for Sonoma Valley elementary school students.

Founder:  David Bruce
Occupation:  Artist, engineer and businessman

Qualifications:  Co-founder of ArtVanSF and long time non-profit volunteer and contractor for the Exploratorium, ArtSpan, YMCA, San Francisco Educational Services, San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners, and Refugee Transitions. Web developer, project manager, and expert start-up and process development for Netcentives, InnerSpace Engineering, Traction, and other small businesses. With a strong business background including an MBA from Presidio Graduate school, the organization is on secure operational and financial footing and the non-profit status compliance is maintained.

Secretary: Lars Berg
Occupation:  Product Designer / Music Maker

Qualifications:  Industrial Design and Market Research Lead for Aklil Project, Product Manager for $20M Global Search Division at Inktomi, Product Manager for Peakstone Enterprise Capacity Management Product Line and Premium Service, Systems Integrator and QA Engineer at Netcentives, Enterprise Network Management Engineer at Interglobe Networks. Resident DJ for the Effection Charities, at The Slanted Door and the ThirstyBear Brewing Co.; Soundtrack Designer for The Actors Collective and frequent guest on KZSU (Stanford).

       Board Member: Johnson Hor

Qualifications: Joined the Art Endowment's board in 2004 and has played a valuable role in helping to develop its resources. He's served as Interim Executive Director 2008-2009. Johnson works at First Republic Bank. Johnson serves on several community and professional boards. He is an alumnus of the CORO Community Leadership program, an American Bar Foundation Life Fellow, and a member of the US Supreme Court Bar. On his spare time, he volunteers as a San Francisco Deputy Marriage Commissioner. Johnson has certificates from Cornell, Stanford, GIA, and San Francisco State University. He has a JD from New College of California, a MSCIS from the University of Phoenix, and a Bachelors in Accounting from San Francisco State University.

        Board Member: Michael Read

Qualifications: Michael Read manages the Film Society's ever-growing suite of publications, including its website. Over nearly two decades, he has presided over a variety of books, magazines, newsletters, travel guides and websites. He most recently served as director of publications at Film Arts Foundation, where he was the editor of Release Print and Film Arts magazines. Read served as editor of four books of fine art photography, as graphic designer of nine more, and was a founding editor of the innovative see: a journal of visual culture. Also a travel writer, he is an author for Lonely Planet and a specialist on travel in Mexico. He holds an MFA in Photography from the School of Visual Arts in New York.

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